Professional Indemnity Insurance


If you work as a professional, it’s important to take pride in your work and ensure that your clients have no reason to complain.

However things do go wrong from time to time and whether it is down to an accident, bad advice, or simply a misunderstanding, you may find yourself having to defend agaisnt a claim.

Professional indemnity insurance is there to protect you if you find yourself in such a situation and it can prove to be a vital means of support, covering legal fees, compensation pay-outs and more.

Professional indemnity Insurance can cover a variety of claims including professional negligence, physical harm, injury, illness, physical damage, loss of money, slander, libel and more.

The cover can be hugely beneficial and indeed necessary, for professionals or anyone/any business that charges for advice or services.

To find out how you could benefit from the protection afforded by professional indemnity cover, simply get in touch with the team at Knapton Insurance today.

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