Directors & Officers Insurance


If you are the director or manager of a company, a board member, a principle or charity officer, YOU are responsible for the wellbeing of your staff, customers and your organisation in general.

Whilst the position may have many benefits you could be a target if something goes wrong.

Protect yourself from the damaging effect of claims against you with a directors and officers/principals insurance policy from Knapton Insurance.

Directors & officers liability, also known as D&O insurance can cover you for claims of corporate negligence, discrimination, wrongful dismissal, slander, libel, etc.

Thus, if an employee, shareholder, regulatory body or member of the public makes a claim directly against you, the costs will be covered.

This enables you to run your company, safe in the knowledge that if a claim is made against you, you will have the means to defend yourself in court.

To find out more about directors & officers insurance, simply get in touch with the team at Knapton Insurance today.

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