The Five Main Rules!

  • One: Be Clear about What you do or require!
  • Two: Read the Schedule and Statement of Fact Provided!
  • Three: Read the Exclusions
  • Four: Read The ‘Housekeeping’
  • Five: Read the Policy Wording

AND SIX…Ask E.W. Knapton Insurance!…IF in Doubt:

Insurance protects the parameters described in the Schedule; providing the Facts are made Clear to Your Insurer.

  • None-Disclosure is often a reason for None-Payment!

Recently, following an Internet Enquiry and subsequent ‘Underwriter’ Conversation:

A client omitted to refer to a potential claim he had enquired about yet not proceeded with; however the Insurer had noted the fact Via a Generic System.

  • Fortunately the matter was dealt with prior to the start of the New Policy; although it attracted a further charge.

Brokers like Ourselves at Knapton Insurance Limited tend to dig for Information HOWEVER; we do not know what we do not know about you! It is up to the Insured to be certain that the cover obtained is Accurate and Adequate.